Thursday, August 2, 2012

TLX Castle - todo list for exteriors

I think this is a list of what I need to complete before I get working on the textures for the interior buildings.

  1. crenelations: I've got railing-style crenelations which will work great for flat edges, but I also want crenelations on the rounded walls. My thoughts now are to try making 1/2 height crenelation "walls". I think in the end they'll take up less space and be more versatile anyway.
  2. hoardings: My current thoughts - and I haven't attempted anything yet - is to come up with a fold-flat box that will have tlx wall tabs on the sides, allowing it to slot into a full-height or half-height post (not sure which).
  3. catwalks: I've done 6" straight catwalks in a stone texture. I'll do 3" as well. I'd also like to try some using the wooden textures available.
  4. stairs: I need to turn the existing stairs into tlx stairs. I've never done that before, but I'm hoping it will go quickly once I get the hang of it.
  5. misc: I need to build a ladder or two (there ARE ladders, right?) and see whether I need to tweak them or not. I want to consider at least dropping a trap door texture onto the tower floors, possibly even coming up with a way to make the trap doors open and close.
Basically, I'm almost done with the exterior walls. For the interiors, there will be a lot... a LOT... of tedious work doing up the roof pieces, so I'm going to try to stay very focused on the few pieces I need for my current build-out...

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