Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Garden - 3D Waterfall even MORE completed

I've been busy with all sorts of things lately that don't directly end up here, but I've been trying to find moments to push along some projects, just so I don't totally lose momentum. I finally got myself to complete instructions for the waterfall kitbash. After that, I took a moment to whip up a 1/2 height version of the waterfall piece, allowing for longer runs, or more creative builds:

The packaged kitbash contains the following:

Two versions of the waterfall wall. The original wall has water falling on both sides. What I did was remove the prop texture from the wall, but I left the water falling down to where the prop would go. I only did this to one side of the wall, so the back side would look OK without a prop attached to it. Since I only did one side of the wall, and the wall is asymmetric, I made a variation for both sides. Hence, two versions.

One large waterfall prop. There are two pages. The first page has all the pieces needed to make the prop, but there's a second page with just the sides on it, so if you want to make two solid brick sides rather than have water falling down, you can.

The front ends of the props are reversible - on one side is water falling down, and the other is just a brick texture.

I'm submitting them today, and hopefully the kitbash reviewers will help pick up on any errors I may have made. I'm a little nervous that some of the cut lines aren't in the right spot or something, despite the fact that I've built this thing four times now. I seem to be prone to little mistakes!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Garden - 3D Waterfall completed

Well, this turned out better than I expected!

OK. The PHOTO didn't turn out better than I expected. It's midnight, and I'm snapping pics with my old iPhone. Lets try some of the other shots.

So, the whole thing is textured now, and I've managed to fit all of the necessary pieces on a single page, within the boundaries for the robo cutter. None of this was cut by me! Yay!

So, the front here has a simple square applied to it with the dripping water texture from the sides. I still might try to make the pieces double-sided, with one side being the dripping water, and the other being plain stone.
The back edge is also covered with texture, so it's acceptable from just about any angle.
The arched underside got a texture treatment as well. I stole some of the graphics from one of the walls and stretched it to fit. It fills in the space nicely so it isn't obviously unfinished, and it fits in with the whole set's motif.

I'll need to spend some time writing up build instructions. It's pretty easy to assemble, even with the curved bit (I've done it twice, and twice it's worked out great). The underside is 2mm too long, and the top is about 1mm too short. Such tiny sizes, but it makes a difference, unfortunately. So I need to fix that up along with the cutfiles, and build one more. Maybe I'll do that when I have double-sided textures...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

WorldWorksGames PDFs

Please don't pirate. Hear me out on this one.

If you got to this post because you were hoping to find some free downloads of otherwise not free products, I'm sorry. I don't have any for you.  If you do find some, I hope that you'll consider this:

The folks that put this stuff together spend a lot of time and energy making the products, and in the end, they aren't exactly charging an arm and a leg for it, nor are they (as far as I can tell) just rolling in dough. You're not stickin' it to some evil corporation by being cheap with these guys.

I can't stop you from pirating stuff. I hope that if you DO pirate some stuff, and you find the stuff remotely useful, you'll take the brave leap and head over to WorldWorksGames and pay for some of the stuff you've gotten enjoyment out of. Think about giving up a couple Red Bulls or something to offset the cost of one set. We're talking around $10. That's a pretty good start. It helps them, and it helps everyone else who appreciates having the sets produced.

I wrote this because I noticed some traffic from google searches involving "pdf" and "mediafire" and other terms I can only imagine were intended for pirating the products.

The Garden - 3D waterfall

I only get small bits of time at home to focus on personal hobbies - there tends to be more important things that need attention around the house. Today, I spent my free time trying out my idea of making a 3D waterfall for The Garden.

I carved the waterfall texture right off of the wall and used that as the sides of the structure. I then created a cutfile that creates the pieces I need to build the inner structure. I designed it as a solid center to which I glue the sides. This made it relatively easy to assemble, and very sturdy.

My next step will be to put textures on the center piece. I'll take some of the water texture and manipulate it a little to give it the impression of motion. I'm thinking that for the ends, I'll make separate pieces that glue into place. This will allow me to add a little lip, making the sides a little taller than where the water is. On the top end, I'll be able to steal some texture from the sides. For the bottom end, I will probably make two styles - one with water flowing down and the other without.

I'm also thinking that I can easily modify all of this to make a second waterfall piece that carries from where this one leaves off, allowing for even more terrain variations.

Since it's a solid piece with both sides textured (rather than attached to the wall like I originally planned) this can stand on its own. I like being able to use props that integrate well with the set to help break up the boxiness of TLX builds.

I'm hoping it won't be too had, but I would like to rebuild the wall so that it doesn't have the waterfall texture on it. This would make extending the waterfall out from the wall look better.

This is probably all I'll get done today.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Garden - Extra Waterways

Working on some ideas for another kitbash. I'm thinking of making a set of waterway tiles that eliminate the sandy areas in favor of grass, and adding some extra waterway tiles:

Kitbashes have been released!

I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen, but the "September 2012 Kitbash Releases" were announced yesterday. Of the six submissions I've made, three have now been released! Cool beans. Not that I get anything out of this beyond the enjoyment I get from making and sharing the pieces... I've got a couple more ideas in the pipeline - some may get accepted, some may get rejected. But, at least there's evidence that the kitbash process isn't completely dead.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hinterland Forests - Lost City test build

Here are some shots of the ruined walls I'm working with:

There's a full 6" destroyed wal, and one that gets cut into two pieces. There's some additional cracks and grime on the walls, and the posts and walls have some grass growing at the base to make them blend more. I have all the grids worked out, so I should be able to submit these with the tiles I've done as soon as I see some progress on kitbash releases.