Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Garden - 3D Waterfall completed

Well, this turned out better than I expected!

OK. The PHOTO didn't turn out better than I expected. It's midnight, and I'm snapping pics with my old iPhone. Lets try some of the other shots.

So, the whole thing is textured now, and I've managed to fit all of the necessary pieces on a single page, within the boundaries for the robo cutter. None of this was cut by me! Yay!

So, the front here has a simple square applied to it with the dripping water texture from the sides. I still might try to make the pieces double-sided, with one side being the dripping water, and the other being plain stone.
The back edge is also covered with texture, so it's acceptable from just about any angle.
The arched underside got a texture treatment as well. I stole some of the graphics from one of the walls and stretched it to fit. It fills in the space nicely so it isn't obviously unfinished, and it fits in with the whole set's motif.

I'll need to spend some time writing up build instructions. It's pretty easy to assemble, even with the curved bit (I've done it twice, and twice it's worked out great). The underside is 2mm too long, and the top is about 1mm too short. Such tiny sizes, but it makes a difference, unfortunately. So I need to fix that up along with the cutfiles, and build one more. Maybe I'll do that when I have double-sided textures...

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