Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Garden - 3D Waterfall even MORE completed

I've been busy with all sorts of things lately that don't directly end up here, but I've been trying to find moments to push along some projects, just so I don't totally lose momentum. I finally got myself to complete instructions for the waterfall kitbash. After that, I took a moment to whip up a 1/2 height version of the waterfall piece, allowing for longer runs, or more creative builds:

The packaged kitbash contains the following:

Two versions of the waterfall wall. The original wall has water falling on both sides. What I did was remove the prop texture from the wall, but I left the water falling down to where the prop would go. I only did this to one side of the wall, so the back side would look OK without a prop attached to it. Since I only did one side of the wall, and the wall is asymmetric, I made a variation for both sides. Hence, two versions.

One large waterfall prop. There are two pages. The first page has all the pieces needed to make the prop, but there's a second page with just the sides on it, so if you want to make two solid brick sides rather than have water falling down, you can.

The front ends of the props are reversible - on one side is water falling down, and the other is just a brick texture.

I'm submitting them today, and hopefully the kitbash reviewers will help pick up on any errors I may have made. I'm a little nervous that some of the cut lines aren't in the right spot or something, despite the fact that I've built this thing four times now. I seem to be prone to little mistakes!

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