Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fat Dragon helmets - FREE!

Fat Dragon Games makes some pretty nice papercraft products, and I've been looking to buy their Great Helm for a long time. This Halloween, my kids are planning to dress up as knights, and I thought that'd be a great excuse to finally buy it. Literally the same day I was going to purchase it, I saw a posting that they were graciously giving it away!

For a limited time, the Great Helm is free over at It didn't take long for someone to post a complete set of cutfiles for the set, too, which made the build go even faster. I set to work building one when I got home. The result looks pretty cool, but it's a really big on me, so it's HUGE on my kids! So, I scaled everything down 7/9 and tried again. This fit my youngest perfectly! I'll build ANOTHER helmet soon at 8/9 size and that should fit my oldest.

I'm hoping to build them swords as well. Not sure if I'll build the WorldWorksGames sword, or one available from RavensBlight.

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