Saturday, October 20, 2012

More SwiftScenics buildings completed

I am continuing to put together buildings of different dimensions. Sure, they're all boxy, but I'm trying to get some variation in height and width. Here are a couple updated pictures:

Given what you see on the table, if I were to build these same buildings with TLX pieces, I'd need... lemme count... something like 36 posts, 36 walls, 12 trusses, 12 roof pieces, and probably 12 tiles. Of course, I'd then have interiors for my buildings, and they'd be plenty more modular. I think they'd even fold as flat, but smaller than the fold-flat buildings I have here.

I assume the SwiftScenics are faster to set up than TLX buildings would be, though the roofs are a little fiddly to get in place sometimes and the awnings and balconies are pretty fiddly too. I'm glad I've got TLX pieces aplenty - after this exercise, I think I'm still more of a TLX fan than a SwiftScenics fan, but clearly each system has its place.

Update! More buildings in place!

And there's STILL a huge pile of walls to work through...


  1. I like the look, looks like 'Spookytown' :)


    1. Thanks! Now that you mention it, it does seem to be a nice setting for a spooky encounter... I have a bunch of standees I want to set up to fill in the setting. I was going to just put in villagers, but now I might try some ghosts and old dead trees...