Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swift Scenics Thoumont's Conversion

The WorldWorks Games folks recently released another "SwiftScenics" product. It's a fold-flat, quick-build western set. I couldn't resist the thought of being able to make a bunch of quickie buildings to help fill out a small town. I picked up the set and went to work with Thoumont's textures.

I can't wait to have a bunch of pieces done up and folded nicely on the shelf! It's fast enough that I could cut this little fella out by hand, edge and glue it together all while the presidential debate is still droning on with their first question!

I'll start putting together some of the basics - there are few enough pieces in the "Tumbleweed Pass" set that would apply to Thoumont's that I think I can make a compelling set of pieces quickly. With no interiors... It's super fast!

Assuming this goes well, I won't hesitate to pick up the Feisty Friar set, and START by making SwiftScenics pieces!

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