Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Swift Scenics Thoumonts Conversion - progress report

I am continuing to make incremental progress on converting *all* of the pages of the DeadFall: Tumbleweed Pass set into a Thoumont's SwiftScenic set.

Two nights ago I printed, cut and edged a full set of the plaster 3" walls and a full set of 3" roofs. I haven't assembled anything yet. I want to get *all* the pieces cut and edged so I can really think about the different build options I want to try out.

Last night saw the completion (I hope) of the flat roofs in both 6" and 3" sizes. I didn't get to hallways, but it should be easy to do now. I used the wooden floor texture from Thoumont's. I didn't realize Thoumont's didn't have anchorless floors! Aah well. I have a couple now...

I "kitbashed" the title of the mounts too. Figured I'd get that out of the way.

Remaining are the 3" and 6" roof ends, supports and toppers, the awnings, balcony, corner caps and hall pieces.

Now that I think about it... I don't recall seeing any horizontal slots for things like the awnings. Bah! I missed them when making those pages! Well, add that back to the list then! I would have noticed when I got around to robo-cutting them all out.

Feels like I should be done by the end of the month, though!

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