Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Swift Scenics Thoumonts Conversion - Major Milestone

Tonight I finished the balcony and toppers, and I think that pretty much wraps up the pieces I need for a *complete* Thoumont's conversion to SwiftScenics. Here are some snapshots of a building with a balcony:

I'm not crazy about the supports under the balcony. Not sure if they're really needed, especially if this is just a prop building. The supports are a slightly different geometry than the DeadFall balconies, so I did up a special cutfile for it. The textures are modified from the Thoumont's balcony. I think I might go back and redo the textures a little more... The railings look a little chunky. Maybe.

Here's what the awnings look like in place:
That's the long awning. My walls are a bit warped, and I'll blame myself for that. At least, until I try it four times and every building comes out warped... It makes the awnings not want to stay in, so they're kind of precariously hanging on. Here's a small awning:

Now, don't worry. I'll get more practice building the buildings. Here's the left-over pieces:

I hope the WWG folks like it! I know I'll need to redo the PDF headers, as I tried to be cute and blend the SwiftScenics banner from DeadFall with the Thoumont's banner logo, but the end result puts the texure credits directly on Matt Lyons, though he didn't do (or at least he isn't the sole credit on) Thoumont's TLX. So, every image will need to be re-exported! Oh well!

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