Saturday, October 6, 2012

Swift Scenics Thoumont's Conversion

I continue to inch forward making progress with a SwiftScenics version of the Thoumont's set. Today, I tore through finishing all of the 3" roof pages, all of the 6" wall pages (using the stone wall and wood wall textures from Thoumont's) and some 6" roof textures.

I took my time getting some details right. There's a top edge to the roof pieces, and the peaks on the walls came out nice using the wood texture.

I followed the DeadFall - Tumbleweed Pass set's wall layouts (window/door placements) so I ended up with 13 pages of walls using the wood/stone combination. Of course, Thoumont's comes with plaster walls and plaster-and-beam walls too, so I will make variants for those as well. Thankfully, the plaster and the stone walls only really work on the 1st floor, so that minimizes some of the combinations.

I think I will complete the 6" roof pieces and then try some other pieces, like the awnings and balconies.

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