Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TLX conversion - Atlantis!

WorldWorksGames has a sale on just about everything, including some of their older, pre-TLX sets. I love some of the textures of these sets, but I'm pretty committed to the TLX format. I'm hoping I've got what it takes to make a smooth conversion of some of these pieces. Here's a quick wall I whipped up:

I haven't done posts yet. They should be easy to convert using the pillar textures. Should look pretty nice.

It actually came out pretty good! The old textures are 900px tall, and the TLX format walls are only 600px tall, so the trick is to keep the details of the wall intact while shrinking things to fit. In this case, I had to fill in quite a bit horizontally after it shrunk. Easy enough with the plain stone wall side - I just split a stone wall in half and plunked down the doorway. The other side with the painted wall, however, was more challenging. I opted to duplicate the painted part, mirror it, then blend it in as best I could. I could probably do more to hide the copy/paste job I did, but frankly when it's printed out and set up with other walls, I'm not sure it'll make that much of a difference.

Quick update... Here's a shot with a corner post done. I think they're OK - kinda cramped up at the top, but I think overall it works:
Only thing I can think of is to go back to the walls and pull the pillars off the edge a little bit. That might free them up and make them look more like complete pillars.

Another update! So, here's a shot with some pillar walls in place:
In all, I've made five types of 6" walls. I received a suggestion, which is to remove the pillars from the walls altogether and let the posts be the complete pillar. It's so crazy, it just might work! I want to focus on at least a couple roof pieces first, but it's something I'll certainly consider.

OK. Last update for the day, I swear (fingers crossed):
 I really need to figure out what to do about those posts, but now that I have some roofing in place, I don't mind spending more time on that. A floor would be nice, but floors are easy...

There's the end truss I put together. I admit I was rushing, but it came out pretty well. It's not the fault of anything I did, but I think the end truss needs to be a tad longer so that the roof doesn't rub up against the tile. Anyway, taking a break from crafting now, and tonight is Halloween, so I'll be exhausted after walking the neighborhood with my kids...

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