Sunday, November 4, 2012

TLX Atlantis - Walkways and Supports

I spent more time working on cutfiles for the supports to get them just right, and I finished up both 5" and 6" railings for the walkways I have made so far. Here's what they look like when all together:
Resting the walkways on top of the supports is a little wobbly. Once I have a complete "set" of tiles, I'll see how it feels with minis moving around on them. Here are more shots:
And finally, here are the pieces broken down:
The 5" railings need a little tweaking - I need to make them a *little* shorter so they fit into the corners a wee bit better. Other than that, I'm really happy with how it's turning out.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

TLX Atlantis - Walkway Supports

I thought I'd keep the supports simple, and here's what I ended up with:
I took the pillar wall and chopped it into pieces. I added slots on tops and bottoms, allowing for the pieces to slip together easily. I haven't used them too much to know whether they'll be stable enough, but I think it's a good starting point. Here are some assembled pics:
I might even make some 3- and 4- column support pieces. No reason not to, I guess. I made cutfiles for them, which saved me a lot of time. I'm wondering if I should make versions that fill the interior with some stone wall texture, so people wouldn't have to carve them out if they don't want. Also, as you can see, I made the 2-column supports have either slots on the top OR the bottom. I'll probably change this to have one on each, so there's really only need for one type of 2-column support piece.

TLX Atlantis - Walkways and Railings

A little progress today - I made a 1" wide walkway piece and a railing to go with it:
The railing is perfect. I am really happy with it. The tabs are only 1/2 as deep as the regular TLX tabs, which let me support railings on both sides. Seems to be plenty string. I'm now trying to figure out how I want to build the supports to hold up the walkways. I don't think the old system will work for me, and I don't think TLX will do me any favors, so I think I'll have to roll my own, somehow. After I can get supports done, I'll try to knock off all of the straight walkways and make some rounded ones, too.

Friday, November 2, 2012

TLX Atlantis - posts

The posts were really giving me trouble. I tried four or five different ideas out before I had an "aha" moment and tried something very simple:

I am OK with how this looks. Maybe some people won't like it, but they are more than welcome to try to convert the set too! It's not always as easy as it looks... Here's another shot:

I redid all the walls so the pillar on the ends extend out a little more. I would like to tackle railings and walkways next, as I think those will look pretty darn cool, and because I think they'll be faster to make than the tiles (since I'll be trying to take the gridless ones and pull off a "hidden" grid style... lol... that'll be frustrating, I'm sure...)