Sunday, December 16, 2012

Having a little fun in the Hinterlands

I made some quickie 2.5-D rock "standees" and broke out the Hinterland tiles to try them out. I let the kids build some LEGO props, and we decked the place out.

Let's see what's going on here...

A couple adventurers are cooking up a light meal after a hard days work of, er, adventuring.

Using some cliff tiles, my son made some parts of the ground elevated, and made a little island. Trouble is brewing there...

I contributed a guy with a merchant cart, blissfully enjoying the warm breeze and delightful sounds of the trickling water under the bridge.

My son's contribution?

Just behind the cart is a skeleton on foot, and another skeleton riding, what else, a skeleton horse. He described it as "danger."  I'm hoping the skeletons, too, are just out enjoying a stroll.

My younger son likes to climb on rocks, so he put a kid doing just that. Now, that rock he's climbing on is one of my 2.5-D rocks. They take no time to build, but I'm not sure they're quite good enough as scenery.

A businessman is out fishing just off the dock. He hasn't caught anything yet, and his parrot doesn't let him forget it.

And lastly, it's the monkey with a fez.

He just kinda sits there, and let's you wonder "Hey - is that a monkey with a fez? I wonder what he's doing there?"  Just beware. He's got one heck of a daily power and he hasn't used it yet today...

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