Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Increasing productivity by... decreasing productivity?

In the past, I've been burdened with too much stuff printed out and not enough stuff assembled. I've really gotta stop that. It feels like it's being super-productive to be able to say "hah! I've got 100 pages printed out and ready to go! progress!" but really, it's more like "oy. I've got 100 pages to cut up and edge now? I wonder what is on TV tonight..." One thing that happens is I end up with like 20 pages of walls, and after cutting and edging 20 pages of walls, I can't actually build anything, and I'm exhausted from all the work.

So, here's the new plan. I'm going to try to build one or two pieces at a time. I'll print out one or two pages, cut and edge them, make the foamcore bases if necessary, then assemble. Moreover, I've got a vague idea of what I want to build. For Atlantis, I'm going to make a simple catwalk system that connects two or four small (hallway-tile sized) buildings with a single larger temple building. They'll all be raised up off the tiles. I haven't planned out the tiles yet, but I'll use the TLX planner for that.

So, right now I'm working through making the walkways. I need four 6" L-shaped pieces, four 6" straight pieces and two 3" straight pieces. That'll let me try out making the walkways double-wide. After that, I'll make one of the smaller buildings, complete with roof. Then I'll make the 2-way posts and column to raise that up along with some of the walkways. Then, repeat for next building...

I haven't decided whether I want to make tiles for this, or just speedmount them. Speedmounting might end up looking better in the photos... Not sure...

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