Thursday, January 31, 2013

Proposed Atlantis TLX Layout

I'm fiddling around in the TLX planner, trying to decide on what I might want as a layout for promo pics to show off an Atlantis build. Here's one idea:

I don't have the beach textures in the planner yet, so I'm using my shoreline kitbash... Where are those stairs going, you might ask? Why, to the second level of the build:

So, this will have one large building on the first floor that makes use of the roof system pretty effectively, then I'll have catwalks put together to show off the railings. Five smaller buildings will hopefully let me show off some shots on platforms, over water.

Once I make the tile set for Atlantis, I'll play more. I just want to get the ball rolling, as I'm staring to progress with catwalks and railings, and I don't want to make a whole lot of stuff I won't actually be using...

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