Sunday, March 3, 2013

Comething COMPLETELY different... Topiaries!

I recently wrapped up making the standees from the Citizens of Himmelveil II set from WorldWorksGames, and wanted to make use of the momentum I had. I've been tossing around the idea of making some scenery standees - stuff like plants that would fill in some rooms and make the builds look more varied. Here's what I whipped up using some photos I found on the web:

The colors are a little dark, but that's easy to fix. They're fairly tiny things - they're all smaller than a typical standee. Here's another photo of a couple plants in "action":

I'd imagine they'd be very fiddly things to cut by hand, but via a machine cutter, you'd have dozens cut out and assembled in no time. I'll probably add a larger black border around the plants to make them easier to cut by hand. I think next I'd like to make some variety of signage for buildings - a couple sandwich board signs, maybe this standee-style for posts with signs hanging on them, and maybe some that are designed to be glued to the buildings (either flat on the wall, over the door etc, or jutting out of the building).

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