Friday, March 29, 2013

Encounter: The Hermit's Shack

I've got a rough first draft of the first encounter, "The Hermit's Shack". I have never put something like this together before, and frankly, I don't know how well the format will work for people. My goal was to just provide some ideas of hooks and encounters, and so it's not a bunch of monster stats and system-specific challenges. It's just some fluff I've collected that someone might enjoy reusing however they see fit.

Download The Hermit's Shack (draft 1)

This isn't complete! I mean, besides the cover artwork being a piece of TODO text, I haven't really tested out the layout much to see if it prints well, or if the font size is good. I haven't spell-checked it at all either. But, I get few enough folks passing through this blog that I figured I'd push what I've got up now to keep me moving, and if anyone wants to comment on this - praise or criticism - I'd appreciate it.

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