Sunday, March 17, 2013

First speedmount test today

I'm looking to create a base for some promo pics of the Atlantis TLX set. I bought a crazy big pen set in order to try to better edge my work, though even with a 100-pen set it's hard to edge the sand sections... So, I'm going to try speedmounting the pieces together to see if it reduces the need to edge the sand. If it doesn't work out, then oh well - I'll just make real TLX tiles. If it does work, then by the end of the day today, I should have at least one 3x5 base to work off of, maybe two if I'm lucky. I'll have to design it so I can flip them around and have two layouts!

Update 1: Well, I got one board done last night. I found that the cutfiles for the large tiles were off just a smidge, and it drove me nuts since it meant it didn't cut perfectly inside the scorelines, leaving an annoying and unnecessary dotted line along one edge. I spent a little time fixing that, and another set of minor issues with the cutfile, and it's much more consistent. I might submit the new file to the forums to see if anyone is interested.

I'm almost done with the second board, but I'm fighting my printer again. After five or so pages, it starts losing black ink. Last time, I drew the pigment black through the lines a bit, and it was fine again. This time, I think it might be the regular black. It's really annoying - it messes up the flow of getting things done. So, two tiles more down, and I'll have the base on which to build! It's embarrassing how long this has taken me. :(

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