Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hangin' out at Thoumont's

I haven't been kitbashing much lately - I'm just too lazy and unmotivated. It'd help if there were people in my area who I could collaborate with. That would be a lot of fun.

Inspiration struck me on my way to karate class tonight, though. I wanted to make a Thoumont's building that had an overhang. A lot of the static-built papercraft buidings I've seen have interesting architectural elements that the TLX stuff doesn't have. So, I present to you, the TLX building overhang:

Ok, I admit it doesn't look like much. I didn't bother adding textures to it, but imagine the top piece with roof textures on it, and the bottom would have a top and bottom texture - the paper wraps all the way around the foamcore. It's also sporting TLX anchors in two corners. It might be neat to add them in all four corners, and even in the middle - not sure. I also think adding some anchors to the bottom may be a nice option, as you'll see in the next photo.

If I had built TWO of these pieces, I could have made a second floor that extended over the first, and that would have looked better. As it is, the roof is at least hanging over the front entryway. I propped some posts under it just to make it look like it had some columns. Maybe anchors underneath would just be too fiddly for setup. I dunno.

There you can see the 1" overhang. It's not much, but it's more than nothing, and I think that little option may make buildings a little more varied.

It works with the standard tiles and trusses. If I were to make this a real kitbash or product add-on, I'd need 1", 1.5" and maybe 2" roof pieces and tile pieces, and I think I'd want to make railings that wrap around the add-on tile piece. I'd need to make tall and short roof pieces with and without overhangs, and maybe even some angled pieces.

Another, less flexible alternative would be to make a 7" roof and a 4" roof (or even just a 4" roof since you can make a 7" from a 3" and a 4").  A 4", 4.5" and 5" roof would be less floppy than the smaller ones, but maybe less versatile. Hm. Nope - I want the smaller pieces.

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