Monday, March 4, 2013

Moore State Park. In paper. By an 8 year old.

My family and I had a great time visiting Moore State Park over the weekend. Even with the snow, the trails were easy to walk, and there are some really nice buildings to be seen. My younger son couldn't keep from imagining how to recreate part of the trails we walked, and so that night, he busted out the TerrainlinX tiles and set to work. Specifically, he did a creative layout that resembles a bridge we crossed on the path.

There at the bottom is the bridge. There's a waterfall just past the bridge and he's captured the stream there nicely.

He used Thoumont's tiles to recreate the wooden bridge, balancing tiles on the posts to make the roof. I knew exactly what he had made when I saw it!

Several tiles were stacked on top of each other, adding some variety to the landscape. I like doing this, too, to keep the maps from just being so flat.

I thought this was really creative. He took the tile pieces from the Hinterland Cliffs set and arranged them to make this little area. Now I wish I had a ton more of those pieces - it's a really clever way to make interesting hilly areas, or in this case, maybe a cave entrance or other really neat scenic location.

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