Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gables - now with more whimsy!

I had this idea hit me on my way home from work a while back, and it's taken me a bit of work to eke out the time to see it through. I'm not done but the modelling seems sound.

That unnecessarily blurry photo is showing off a new type of gable that can be affixed to a 3" or 6" roof section. Actually, now that I've tried it out, it's a teeny bit wide for a 3" roof section, but I'll be darned if I'm gonna go and redo the whole thing now! Hah! Either let it hang over a bit (which should be OK) or snip the extra corner bits down a little.

I really like how it's turned out so far. It's what I was imagining it would be! Two should fit side-by-side on a 6" roof section, too.

It is a solid piece of geometry - a bit of a pain to get put together, but clearly not impossible. I chose to glue the back in place first, and once that was in place, the front kind of snaps in and stays put. I might try a test build where I've glued the front on first, to see if that's any easier. I suspect it might be, only because the back is sloped.

So, I'm leaving on a couple day vacation, but when I get back, I'll put some Thoumont's and some Feisty Friar textures to work on this baby, and work out some instructions. I'll submit them as two separate kitbashes, since they pertain to two different products.

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