Monday, April 22, 2013

Half-hearted half-height walls pics

Here are a couple pictures to show off the kind of thing that just slows down the process of getting a kitbash ready.

I have just about completed all the post variants and wall lengths for five different textures. That includes three Thoumont's walls (stone, plaster and wood), the Friar (stone) and the Garden (greenish stone). I need to get more cutfiles completed, but I have enough done that I wanted to snap some in-use shots. Here's the sample print of the walls for The Garden:

Thankfully, that image is a small enough size, lousy quality and shot at an angle. It helps hide the fact that the printer decided to crap out on me just now, so there's a cyan band through everything I've cut out. Hmph. I'm sure it's something easy to fix, like pulling some ink through the system, but still - what a pain.

That's a shot for size-comparison with some 28mm standees. It's about as small a wall as I can do with TLX posts. It holds together pretty well.

So, sadly, I don't have any good pics to show off yet. I still have some fixing to do with the sheets - the score lines are all but absent, so if you're not super familiar with TLX stuff, it might be hard to score these. Also, I'm going to do a Himmelveil Streets set, and maybe a Himmelveil Canals set, too. Someone on the WWG forums had the right idea that these can be used to lift up docks on the water, so I might do a special kitbash for the Canals set, making a small ramp that leads up the dock. Oh, low steps... that was the other thing I was considering... Basically lopping off the top two steps on a regular stair prop.

I'll still try to get at least one of these sets done by the end of the week, then I'll cool it for the remainder of the month.

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