Friday, April 19, 2013

Half-height walls are coming

The series of half-height walls I've been wanting to do is now in full swing. I've got templates made for the half-height 2-, 3- and 4-way posts, including their angled variants. I've also got templates made for 3", 6", small and large angled, and arc walls. I'm going to shoot for, I don't know, maybe a set of three walls related to Thoumonts, two related to Himmelveil Streets, maybe one for the Friar set, and one for the Garden set. I'd like to make a set of low walls that look like shrubs too, to support making a "garden maze" kind of thing. They're pretty quick to churn out, but I'll try to do only one set at a time as kitbashes, in case there are comments or criticisms.

After I make cutfiles (sooner rather than later!) I'll snap some pictures of the walls in action.

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