Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quickie update

Not that I'm *trying* to jinx myself, but I think I've resolved the ink issue, and so I'm starting to print some photo-quality half-height walls. There are almost 20 pages dedicated to just Thoumont's. I think I'll just do the stone walls first, in all their sizes, with all the posts. There are a lot of cutfiles to make...

On a different note, I figured out how to get a Sketchup model into PePaKuRa Designer, and from there, into GIMP for texturing. My first model is a fountain. I think the textures came out great (if a little dark) but I have a feeling I will have to experiment with how to actually build it out. Some may like assembling little pieces. Others might prefer building larger, easier geometries that glue together. It's off to a good start, tho. I just printed and cut the first attempt, and will be assembling it tonight to take a snapshot of!

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