Sunday, April 21, 2013

SwiftScenics Thoumont's - not dead! NOT DEAD!

Ugh. I was 'done' with this thing months ago. MANY months ago. But I haven't been able to snap any quality photos of the buildings. As a result, it hasn't been able to push itself past a novelty kitbash. This weekend, I spent some time extracting all the textures so I could take some screenshots from Sketchup. Here are some shots:

I've really tried hard to extract the textures for each peace properly and apply it to geometries that match the real world down to 1/16". It's actually pretty darn time consuming to make these 3d models, but now that I've got them together, I can try some fun stuff. Already, you can see I've started playing with adding standees to the pictures. It's not yet done right, but it's a start. I don't know if the WWG guys will like the renderings or not, but we'll see.

Extracting tile images isn't so bad, so I might try to take some pictures against a Hinterland Forests tileset.

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