Saturday, April 6, 2013

TLX Roof System Redesign

Having been through the process of kitbashing an ENTIRE TLX roof set, I can say with some authority that they're a pain in the butt. But, what's worse, they're really single-purpose. The trusses have roof textures applied to them, so they can only work with one type of roof. Boo...

What I really want is a set of trusses that can work with ANY roof texture. I've been thinking about this for a while, and here's where I'm at so far.

Rather than having roofs that slip into the sides of the trusses, make it so the tabs on the roofs bend inward, and so they cover the whole truss and slot inward. I tried this on and end truss and a 2-way truss. On and end truss, it was as simple as cutting the slot on the outside rather than the inside of the top of the truss. For 2-way trusses, I redesigned the whole thing so that it assembles easily, and has a slot down the middle of the top, rather than on the sides. Both hold the roof very well, and they don't seem to have any problems with lining up right. The roof pieces required some additional work as well - new template to move the tabs to the right spots, and some cleanup of the textures to fill in the extra area.

It looks promising. If this works out, I will probably try to kitbash the few roof systems that exist to use this system. That will let me interchange roof pieces and trusses however I want.

This also opens up more possibilities. Now, the roof pieces can extend OVER the truss, rather than just being right up to the edge. I'm not sure, but I wonder if I can do a gambrel-style roof by making new trusses and using these modified low roofs...

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