Saturday, May 11, 2013

Actualy *building* something - Dave Graffam houses

I haven't built anything in a long time now. I've been pushing pixels and testing prints, but I haven't really built any models in forever. So, last night, I was sifting through my harddrive and remembered that I had purchased a huge bundle of Dave Graffam models. It was on sale, and rather than stress over what buildings to buy, I figured I'd collect em all (at least, whichever ones were available at the time!)

Well, I've built a couple, but there are a couple things I found out about the buildings. (1) I really like having an interior, and most of these (almost all) have no interior. (2) I really don't have space for hundreds of buildings. These are all static builds. (3) The textures are good. Certainly good enough to play with. But they're not exceptional. They typically make use of layers to add/remove features like windows and doors. The result can often look cut-and-paste, so it's best not to stare too hard at the details... I'm so used kitbashing, it's hard NOT to stare too closely at the pixels.

In any case, here are some pics of some Rustic Cabins:

I picked something small to get back into things. They go together VERY quickly, and though they're really similar in shape, they are totally different textures. There are so many buildings to choose from. I think the next thing I build might be... oh, I don't know. It'll be a surprise.

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