Sunday, May 12, 2013

Building my collection of buildings by building more buildings!

I let my kids pick you which buildings to work on next. One was The Storehouse:

It's another super-quick build - four walls and a roof! Oh, and a ladder. :) My kids seem to prefer the wooden shingled roofs over the thatched style. I've been adding an extra layer of cardstock on all of the walls and roof pieces to make them feel a little more solid. They're fine without it, but they just feel more substantial with the extra weight. I'm not using the bases that come with the sets - I plan on making some custom Terrainlinx tiles to accommodate the buildings in different settings.

After this, my younger son picked The Watchtower:

This is still a work-in-progress. I let my son choose which layers to apply, and he decided he wanted four balconies and the stairs. I've only done one small and one large balcony, so two more to go before I can move on.

I think after this one, I'm going to rip through a couple more simple buildings, like The Hermit's Hutch, a Stone Tower, and maybe a Quaint House before I try another complicated house.

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