Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From high tech to low tech

I still have an easier time drawing designs on paper than I do using software meant for this sort of thing. Once I get the lines right, I just draw the template in GIMP and voila!

So, here's my work-in-progress today:

I start by sketching out lines. I've been noting the dimensions of each line right on the model, so when I DO end up making a template for this, I won't have to re-measure everything.

I went back over all the lines so I can photocopy this, then cut out the cardstock page. The only reason I used two colors was so I would remember where to cut and where to score on the tabs.

Here's the pieces cut out:

And the quick test to see how things fit:

That little gap between the roof line and the front isn't as bad as it seems - I'm squeezing the box together since I have nothing to hold it otherwise. Still, I'd rather see (a) a textured flap on it that could rest inside, to minimize this/glue in place to hold it steady, or (b) have a small (1/4" or less) overhang so you wouldn't even notice.

I forgot a couple things, too. First, there's got to be tabs on the bottom of the box, allowing for it to be permanently fixed to a base. Second, I might try to make the tabs that hold the roof to the box a wee bit shorter (1/8" maybe?) in case you want to make the whole thing collapsible. It can go together, but it should be easy enough to shave those tabs down and still have em lock in place well.

I'll texture this at home (maybe not this week...) and see what it looks like against some actual buildings.

I bet if I took this and made it a 1"x1" base rather than 2"x1", it'd function as an outhouse!

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