Monday, July 29, 2013

More options for SwiftScenics buildings

I had fun putting together the new style of gable, and recently I had some thoughts for quickie kitbashes that might also be fun. Here are some quick picks from SketchUp:

The first is a simple bump-out that might follow the roofline, allowing for a door that comes off the building a little. I'm thinking it'd be 1" deep, but I suppose it could be less. The roof, hopefully, would slot into the thing just like any other SwiftScenic roof, and it'd support folding it flat or being a permanent box build.

The windows in this picture were offset a bit through a bit of magic. I'd want to release a booster set of walls to accommodate the width of the piece better.

This is the same kind of thing, but with a different roof line. It's not very sexy, but it's an idea. Again, roof would hopefully slip into place, though if it's a permanent box, it might be best to put the roof in, then affix the whole thing to the building.

Last one for now. I think this might work, but I'd have to play with the textures. It just changes the roofline (using the awning as a starting point) enough to let me change the shape of the building. I could put one on both sides for an interesting effect.
That's the idea at least. No need to add all these doo-dads onto one building. It's just nice to have some simple tricks to make the buildings seem a little less boxy.

Now, if I wanted to go crazy, I'd invent a simple slotting mechanism that would allow adding or removing these boxes from buildings without it being too obvious that there's something there. Before I go that crazy, though, I should spend an evening doing up the geometries. They're just boxes! How hard could that be?

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