Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP: Mining Tunnels continued

Tiles! These are the mine track tiles I've worked out. They are in an unfinished state here. I've got to lighten up the textures a LOT, and I've fixed issues with the highlights on the tracks.

I started with a base texture from the Cathedrae Noctis set. There is some color manipulation at play, a lot of cloning, and some other filters that bring it to this state. It's a pretty good base for a cave, I think.

Here's a bunch of different tiles that add mine tracks. I'm not really shooting for super-realism in how train tracks work. I can imagine adding some 3D props, like levers and switches. I've seen some brilliant ones available free on the Cardboard Warriors website.

I started by looking for a metal texture. I found a lovely picture of a pistol, and grabbed a strip off of the barrel and started from there.

The  gravel under the track - I don't even remember where I grabbed that from. It was a bunch of mucking with something that was very un-gravel-like.

The ties suffer from a bit of copy-and-paste. If I ever feel motivated, I should try to reduce the obviously redundant aspects of the boards.

In this one, the gravel looks terribly brown. Must have been trying something when I grabbed this. Maybe I had some layers turned off accidentally. I know I had several layers of grime, and they all looked great on my monitor, but made the prints so dark as to be unusable.

I learned some tricks about turning long, narrow textures into circular shapes, which helped with the corners. I can only do 90 degree turns, though, so that's too bad. I'd like to be able to bend the tracks in a more natural way for some types of tiles, but it'll take more practice and experimentation.

Adding the puddle only took a couple minutes. I've been trying to reuse this one texture on other tiles, without it being obviously duplicated. Still working on that...

This was my first attempt at a grid system. I used a crack brush texture to put some large but natural looking cracks along the grid. Ultimately, it was too subtle and yet still looked too out-of-place, so I tried another idea.

This is what I'm going with (though I might clean up under the water). I made a layer of stone stuff with a blend mode that lightened the underlying texture. I then applied a mask to it, so only some of it showed up along the grid lines. It's an obvious grid, but I don't think it's an obnoxious grid. So, I'm sticking with it.

So, now I'm focusing on getting the textures to print out well. Everything is so darn dark. Thankfully, I have a continuous ink system that is easy and cheap to refill! I've started working on a little mine cart, too, but that's a ways off.

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