Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP: Mining Tunnels

I've been slacking off, posting pics here. I've been slacking off, in general, with papercrafting. But, I have been doing *something* and I should really post the results here. I started creating my own set of tiles and walls to make mine tunnels. Here's a flood of pics to bring this blog up to speed:

Walls! I went through some iterations, and am unlikely to use these ones with torches. It served its purpose, though, letting me explore things like adding lamps to the walls and lighting.

I also added some scenery to the walls. Rubble piles, picks, shovels and buckets. It turns out everything I've done is way too dark (more on that later...) so I think it looks great and atmospheric on my bright screen, but on paper, it's muddy poo.

I expect to make a cave system too, not just mine tracks and walls with support beams - something more organic. I made some 3" wall pieces that provide for doors, archways and additional supports:

Just another pic of some in progress walls. There are picks in various positions, and shovels and buckets.

These are the lamps I worked out. I might still play with the contrast a bit, but not until I solve other issues.

So, those are the walls. Next post will be the tiles.

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