Friday, August 30, 2013

The Garden - City Streets

I sketched out a minimal set of 15 different tiles. I've got nine of them done now, and the hallway/3" tiles (that's another 3 of them) should be easy peasy. I'm debating just leaving the paths the way they are for a 1.5" grid, but I might consider widening the paths to be 3" wide for the 1.5" grid.

I think with this set, I'll make one... no two new walls that feature wooden doors. I have in my mind a wooden door with a rounded top, a square window with iron bars on it, and an iron door handle. Maybe if I'm on a roll when I get that far, I'll consider a double-height wall with a large door on it. Kind of fun to do those for more imposing buildings.

Here are tile tiles so far:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Garden - City Streets

I think I'm onto something here. I kinda like the design. I might make some of the tiles with different bendy parts from the walls, and I should probably make a whole bleepin 6" tile of road textures so I don't have to contend with rotating the herringbone pattern.

Now, if I do like how this is going, I really need to create the road textures in all the grid formats before I forget how I did it! It amounts to making a grey-scale version of the Himmelveil Streets tile I used and apply it as a bump map to the layer of bricks from The Garden walls.

The Garden - City Streets

I'm playing around with the idea of making city streets out of the available textures from The Garden. Here are a couple images I've come up with to try out a straight street tile:

Still a ways to go before this turns into something I "like" but I certainly like the idea of it.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Roof Redesign - Making good on an old threat

I don't care too much for the Terrainlinx roof system. Sure, it works, but there's a fundamental design decision that limits how the pieces can be interchanged. The trusses that support the roof pieces have some of the roof texture on them. That means, they can only be used with that particular roof type. I would love it if my Thoumonts and Friar sets could swap roof pieces whenever I wanted, but doing so requires tons more trusses to be custom built. Poo.

Here are some shots of a quick idea I'd like to push on:

All I did was make the roof pieces rectangular so they cover the trusses. I modified the trusses so the notch the roof slots into is along the outside wall. I also removed some of the square brace, so there was less material in the way of the roof's tab. I think it works well enough to try to kitbash some real textured pieces. I might need to make the roof pieces 1mm or 2mm wider on each side to better cover the truss, but it doesn't seem any worse than the real truss system.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Atlantis TLX Update

It totally doesn't LOOK like I'm cleaning the office, but I'm actually slowly eliminating the half-built stuff on my desk, whether by assembling stuff or throwing it out. At the same time, I'm building good quality versions of Atlantis TLX stuff in preparation to take some good quality photographs.

Here's a little building I've got assembled:

Ignore the background, and yeah, it's not a "good quality photograph". I'm just piecing together the set that I will ultimately take pictures of. By doing this, I hope to finish finding the little errors in the set, and finally complete the conversion.

I continue to add to my wish list for things to add to this set. I'm seriously considering providing a simpler type of railing. The railings here have a great fish motif, but squared-off ends would be quicker to build. It would be extra-cool if I could have a variety of mixed ends, so like in the picture above, the end of the catwalk would have the ornate fishy ends, but the middle bend would have squared-off ends. I doubt I'd go that far though. Maybe that'll be my first attempt at using layered PDFs!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Markers used for edging

I just need to keep track of which markers I use where...

  Water     452
  Beach    990
  Marble   Bic Mark-it Cloud Nine Gray

  Green    158
  Brown   N57

Friday, August 9, 2013

Inn of the Feisty Friar, update 2

Got some good code checked in today at work, but also was able to get some more posts and walls edged.

It's not much, but it should be good enough to use for some small layouts. I've only got eight more posts to edge, but 17 more walls to do! Yow. I am not going to hold up progress on other fronts just so I can have the anti-warp versions of the walls done. I will, instead get a couple tiles done, and start adding some useful roof pieces to the mix. I will print off two large end trusses, two large roof pieces, and two 6" floor tiles. That'll be enough for a building, so I'll be able to take a break and do more fun stuff, like some props.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inn of the Feisty Friar

I figured I should post some pics of the progress I'm making. Finally, I'm getting around to making something from the Inn of the Feisty Friar. The set is divided into two parts, the first and the second floor. I'm only working on 1st floor pieces right now.

I don't have pics of all the posts I've done up so far, but once I've got the walls assembled, I will have enough stuff done to snap some promo pics of my half-height walls that use the stone texture!

UPDATE: Here's a shot of my kitchen table as I start edging and assembling pieces:

I need to sort out the right color to use on the stone edges. Man, I hate edging.

UPDATE 2: My eyes are starting to go buggy, so I am gonna turn in for the night. I had karate this evening, so I only got about an hour more crafting done, which doesn't buy me a whole lot...

Really, it looks like all I've done is made a slightly bigger mess.. but really, I've got 8 walls and 9 posts edged and assembled, and a bunch of walls prepped for final edging. There's a mountain of posts to do, too, but I've picked out my edging colors, and I might bring some pieces into work to get done there.

I should really use the robocutter. :-P

Must... Print... MORE!!!

I brought in all of the first floor walls printed out, and I'm almost done carving those up. I figure I really can carve up maybe 30 pages of stuff during the course of the workday. Mind you, I'm not edging or gluing anything, and there's still cutting left to do after certain pieces are glued together, but it's a necessary part of the build process anyway, and it's getting done!

I've found that my printer's CIS is causing me grief. I can't just queue up 100 pages of stuff to print and come back later. Well, I can, but it seems like after 4 or 5 pages, the colors start getting wonky, and there's some banding to the printing. I didn't throw out any of the prints, and only re-printed one page, but it stinks if I have to babysit every page to keep an eye on whether the colors are screwing up. Normally, drawing some ink through one of the tanks would resolve the problem, but I'd love it if my *continuous* ink system would *continuously* draw ink through. Hmph.

I've got a vacation coming up. When I get back, I'll get my hands dirty one last time and if it's still a problem, I'll contact the CIS guy and see if he has any ideas. He's always been very helpful responding to my issues (which, to date, have always been user error...)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Must... print... more...

I figured I'd print out a bunch of pages of the Inn of the Feisty Friar set and get to cutting them out while at work, since I find myself with 1 minute here, 2 minutes there in between running tests or compiling code. Six pages of posts wasn't enough though. 11am and everything is cut out... I'll try to print out a bunch more for tomorrow!

Monday, August 5, 2013

DeadFall Entryways progress report

The two types of geometries are done, I think. I tweaked one to allow for adding/removing the roof easier. I'm almost thinking of making the roof go on sideways now... interesting...

Anyway, I'll probably whip up variants using each of the available doors, just because I can. The cutfiles are done, and so the kitbash is almost ready to ship out!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

DeadFall Entryways - working out the promos

OK. First off, I've *just* settled on the name for this kitbash - DeadFall Entryways. I printed off nine tiles and just cut out the centers to make a map to put the house on. My room is too dark, my camera too crappy, but I am sure this will greatly improve my ability to make a promo pic.

It takes a while for each page to print, but it takes no time to cut and edge them. I will clearly have to consider doing this more often in order to make promo pics! Now, I will bring the stuff into my office tomorrow and see if I can't take a picture or two with good lighting. If that doesn't work out, I'll start asking my wife if I can buy a *real* camera.

I had only recently purchased the DeadFall TLX sets, and the canyon set. They are really wonderful. I'll probably try to redo my train tracks using the tracks from DeadFall so the sets can blend together.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Textures arrive on the first DeadFall mini kitbash

I really need to think of a better name for these things.

It was super quick to lay down the template and apply some textures to this.

It's 2"x1" at the base, and the roof should fit on easy peasy. I may not be able to get a chance to print and cut these tonight, but it would be fun to snap a pic of it assembled against a DeadFall building. Not sure if something like this would even need supports, either.