Monday, August 12, 2013

Atlantis TLX Update

It totally doesn't LOOK like I'm cleaning the office, but I'm actually slowly eliminating the half-built stuff on my desk, whether by assembling stuff or throwing it out. At the same time, I'm building good quality versions of Atlantis TLX stuff in preparation to take some good quality photographs.

Here's a little building I've got assembled:

Ignore the background, and yeah, it's not a "good quality photograph". I'm just piecing together the set that I will ultimately take pictures of. By doing this, I hope to finish finding the little errors in the set, and finally complete the conversion.

I continue to add to my wish list for things to add to this set. I'm seriously considering providing a simpler type of railing. The railings here have a great fish motif, but squared-off ends would be quicker to build. It would be extra-cool if I could have a variety of mixed ends, so like in the picture above, the end of the catwalk would have the ornate fishy ends, but the middle bend would have squared-off ends. I doubt I'd go that far though. Maybe that'll be my first attempt at using layered PDFs!

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