Sunday, August 4, 2013

DeadFall Entryways - working out the promos

OK. First off, I've *just* settled on the name for this kitbash - DeadFall Entryways. I printed off nine tiles and just cut out the centers to make a map to put the house on. My room is too dark, my camera too crappy, but I am sure this will greatly improve my ability to make a promo pic.

It takes a while for each page to print, but it takes no time to cut and edge them. I will clearly have to consider doing this more often in order to make promo pics! Now, I will bring the stuff into my office tomorrow and see if I can't take a picture or two with good lighting. If that doesn't work out, I'll start asking my wife if I can buy a *real* camera.

I had only recently purchased the DeadFall TLX sets, and the canyon set. They are really wonderful. I'll probably try to redo my train tracks using the tracks from DeadFall so the sets can blend together.

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