Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inn of the Feisty Friar

I figured I should post some pics of the progress I'm making. Finally, I'm getting around to making something from the Inn of the Feisty Friar. The set is divided into two parts, the first and the second floor. I'm only working on 1st floor pieces right now.

I don't have pics of all the posts I've done up so far, but once I've got the walls assembled, I will have enough stuff done to snap some promo pics of my half-height walls that use the stone texture!

UPDATE: Here's a shot of my kitchen table as I start edging and assembling pieces:

I need to sort out the right color to use on the stone edges. Man, I hate edging.

UPDATE 2: My eyes are starting to go buggy, so I am gonna turn in for the night. I had karate this evening, so I only got about an hour more crafting done, which doesn't buy me a whole lot...

Really, it looks like all I've done is made a slightly bigger mess.. but really, I've got 8 walls and 9 posts edged and assembled, and a bunch of walls prepped for final edging. There's a mountain of posts to do, too, but I've picked out my edging colors, and I might bring some pieces into work to get done there.

I should really use the robocutter. :-P

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