Thursday, August 8, 2013

Must... Print... MORE!!!

I brought in all of the first floor walls printed out, and I'm almost done carving those up. I figure I really can carve up maybe 30 pages of stuff during the course of the workday. Mind you, I'm not edging or gluing anything, and there's still cutting left to do after certain pieces are glued together, but it's a necessary part of the build process anyway, and it's getting done!

I've found that my printer's CIS is causing me grief. I can't just queue up 100 pages of stuff to print and come back later. Well, I can, but it seems like after 4 or 5 pages, the colors start getting wonky, and there's some banding to the printing. I didn't throw out any of the prints, and only re-printed one page, but it stinks if I have to babysit every page to keep an eye on whether the colors are screwing up. Normally, drawing some ink through one of the tanks would resolve the problem, but I'd love it if my *continuous* ink system would *continuously* draw ink through. Hmph.

I've got a vacation coming up. When I get back, I'll get my hands dirty one last time and if it's still a problem, I'll contact the CIS guy and see if he has any ideas. He's always been very helpful responding to my issues (which, to date, have always been user error...)

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