Saturday, August 17, 2013

Roof Redesign - Making good on an old threat

I don't care too much for the Terrainlinx roof system. Sure, it works, but there's a fundamental design decision that limits how the pieces can be interchanged. The trusses that support the roof pieces have some of the roof texture on them. That means, they can only be used with that particular roof type. I would love it if my Thoumonts and Friar sets could swap roof pieces whenever I wanted, but doing so requires tons more trusses to be custom built. Poo.

Here are some shots of a quick idea I'd like to push on:

All I did was make the roof pieces rectangular so they cover the trusses. I modified the trusses so the notch the roof slots into is along the outside wall. I also removed some of the square brace, so there was less material in the way of the roof's tab. I think it works well enough to try to kitbash some real textured pieces. I might need to make the roof pieces 1mm or 2mm wider on each side to better cover the truss, but it doesn't seem any worse than the real truss system.

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