Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lastest Fungi

I've improved the sword, I think, and I've fixed some coloring issues. Two things I think I'll try to do:

1) It was correctly pointed out to me that his left foot is lower than his right, but given his hand positions, it implies his right foot should be forward (and therefore lower). I think this will improve the appearance of rotation in his body.

2) It was also pointed out that the shield is useless behind him. If I put it in front of him, I'll have to figure out what to do with his arm. It really means just making a layer that makes his arm bend a little (since most of it will be covered by his body when viewed from the back). If that makes it better, I'm all for it.

Oh, and my son helped me color in a 3rd guy. I think the grass texture was a good idea, but makes the figure look too flat because it doesn't follow the contour of his body. We'll keep trying.

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