Sunday, November 17, 2013

Been slacking - The Garden City Walls was submitted

Twice, actually. I will dig up some pictures to post here. I submitted a couple types of walls and new posts to allow making some brick buildings in The Garden, to go with the City tiles.

I'm thinking I might even tackle a new set of roofs (not an easy task!) for this, really competing the set.

Update - here is a picture of the type of wall you can expect:

There are options for interior only walls, interior/exterior walls, walls with just the door, just the windows, just some crosses, or a door with those features. Here's another wall picture I had lying around:

I actually submitted the crosses filled in in black. If you want them cut out, just do it after gluing the wall together. I did a set of regular posts for the walls, too. That allows the interior parts of the wall to look normal, since the standard Garden set only has exterior textures.

Fingers are crossed that this will be accepted soon, along with the city tiles.

TLX Caves!

There's so much to do, and so little time to do it! What's really got me thinking are TLX Caves. I think the dirt tile of my mines is a good start. I'll use that as a base to build on. I want to make some tiles matching the Hinterland Cliffs set, so I can make more 'organic' structures. I've played a little with the walls, as you can see here:

I need to experiment with some things like different rock formations, less regular stalactites, and adding some stuff to the tiles to make them a little more like uneven terrain.

For props, it'd be cool to be able to build some 3D stalagmites, maybe a cave pool... Other things like that. But, for kitbashing purposes, I think the tiles and walls have to come first.

Update: Here are a couple pictures of in-progress walls:

These are not at all final (nor are they really what I'm striving for. The wall texture is OK. I've also tried reducing the number of stalactites, and I think that'll help a LOT. There's too much texture on the floor/ceiling though, so I'll have to work on fixing that. Even the wall background is a bit much. I'll play with warping it around to see what effects I can pull off.

I'm just getting started. :)

DeadFall: Mines has been submitted (kind of!)

After a complete redesign of the rail tracks, there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Hah! See what I did there? 14 pages of tiles, 13 pages of walls. D'oh! As I type, I realize I forgot to include the anchors in the PDFs! Hah!

I passed a link off to the judges so they can get a head-start and look at what's there. I still need to do the cutfiles, the tlx planner files, and some promo pics. This is really pushing the envelope of what would normally accept as a kitbash... I'm not gonna get my hopes up. It was fun to make though.

Update: There were a couple of errors discovered in the files - simple things that I quickly cleared up. I've gone and made the cutfiles, the Terrainlinx Planner file and the preview picture. The last thing that was an issue was the lantern light. One of the judges felt it was too faint and blended in too much with the wall. I'm playing around with a couple ideas now.

That's where I'm at now. I made the light more directional since it wouldn't be shining through the top/bottom of the lantern. I've also pulled the light away from the center beam a little, since in theory there'd be shadows cast from the beam. Also, the light is stronger than before - I tripled the number of layers that make the light. Fingers are crossed that I hear positive things about this. If I do, I have to update a couple of walls and rebuild a PDF, then it'll be DONE!

Friday, November 8, 2013

How did I forget? Dave Graffram's Patrol Boat has cutfiles now!

I'm really getting lazy with posting things here! I've been busy with things, really!

I don't know why I like paper boats. I really don't like boats all that much, but I find them very interesting as paper models. Dave Graffam has a couple different boats available, and I thought I'd try to make cutfiles for one of them, the Patrol Boat.

What was a challenge for the cutfiles was the fact that this model comes in two single-layer PDFs (one is pictured above) and a multi-layer PDF for really customizing things. I made cutfiles for one of the single-layer PDFs, then I made cutfiles for the multi-layer PDF complete with optional cuts you can turn on and off, so it will work with any configuration you can make!

You can grab the cutfiles off of the cardboard-warriors forum. Just click here.

I look forward to taking a stab at his other vehicles.

Recent additions to the Standee pile

I've been workin' on some cutfiles,
All the live long day...

I'm trying to give back a little bit to the community at cardboard-warriors because it's such a great group of people. It's been hard for me to maintain enough focus and energy to make my own standees (though I'll keep trying!) so I thought I'd help by making cutfiles for many of the wonderful figures that lack them.

These are all free miniatures available from the Downloads section of Well, the top three are part of one of the hoards that will be released soon (and will be free) but the bottom four are from the downloads. Soon enough, they'll have cutfiles available. My crummy photos don't do them justice - very nice looking figures!

Also, I provided cutfiles for the High Elf Tower, along with some alternate roof colors:

I made blue, green, red, orange, yellow, brown and black. I forgot purple! D'oh!  If you look at the top one, you can see that I had to liberally color in some spots. I screwed up the cutfiles - there was some text on the page that overlapped the registration marks, and so the cutter got all confused about how to cut. Glad I test these before I hand 'em out!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Codex Manesse Complete

A panoramic picture of the standees I've been making cutfiles for. Enjoy!