Friday, November 8, 2013

How did I forget? Dave Graffram's Patrol Boat has cutfiles now!

I'm really getting lazy with posting things here! I've been busy with things, really!

I don't know why I like paper boats. I really don't like boats all that much, but I find them very interesting as paper models. Dave Graffam has a couple different boats available, and I thought I'd try to make cutfiles for one of them, the Patrol Boat.

What was a challenge for the cutfiles was the fact that this model comes in two single-layer PDFs (one is pictured above) and a multi-layer PDF for really customizing things. I made cutfiles for one of the single-layer PDFs, then I made cutfiles for the multi-layer PDF complete with optional cuts you can turn on and off, so it will work with any configuration you can make!

You can grab the cutfiles off of the cardboard-warriors forum. Just click here.

I look forward to taking a stab at his other vehicles.

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