Sunday, November 17, 2013

TLX Caves!

There's so much to do, and so little time to do it! What's really got me thinking are TLX Caves. I think the dirt tile of my mines is a good start. I'll use that as a base to build on. I want to make some tiles matching the Hinterland Cliffs set, so I can make more 'organic' structures. I've played a little with the walls, as you can see here:

I need to experiment with some things like different rock formations, less regular stalactites, and adding some stuff to the tiles to make them a little more like uneven terrain.

For props, it'd be cool to be able to build some 3D stalagmites, maybe a cave pool... Other things like that. But, for kitbashing purposes, I think the tiles and walls have to come first.

Update: Here are a couple pictures of in-progress walls:

These are not at all final (nor are they really what I'm striving for. The wall texture is OK. I've also tried reducing the number of stalactites, and I think that'll help a LOT. There's too much texture on the floor/ceiling though, so I'll have to work on fixing that. Even the wall background is a bit much. I'll play with warping it around to see what effects I can pull off.

I'm just getting started. :)

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