Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Minecart texture, part 2

Fiddling with things while my work computer is busy compiling software.

That's the basics of it. The sides fold in half, and I'll add tabs that get sandwiched between the sides to hold it all up. I hope it doesn't look too cartoon-like, but it's the best I can do currently. I suppose I could try this exercise by taking real wood board textures.

Next step is to make a bottom. I think I'll reuse the board texture to make a base, then I'll make some pieces that can attach for wheels. I just need to re-measure my mine tracks to get them the right width...

Minecart texture, part 1

This is a work-in-progress of a texture for the base of a minecart. I need to re-measure the mine tracks I made, but I think the dimensions of the cart might be something like 1.5" wide, 2" long and .75" deep. I'm trying to make all the textures from scratch.

I think I've gone and made the boards .25" wide, so I can accomplish a 1" and 1.5" grid by simply lining up the seams. If 1" == 5', then that means each board width represents... 15"... That's not TOO wide, so I'll leave it as is.

I will try to make some metal bands around the edges to tie it all together. I'd like to also make a metal minecart texture, if only so I can practice making a metal texture.

I'll darken these wooden boards and make a buffer box, too. I think the buffer box will be 1"x1.5"x.5", so it'll be smaller than the mine cart.

For the mine carts and the buffer box, I'll make it so it's a textured, empty, lidless box. Then I'll make some simple inserts for it - dirt/rocks (for the buffer box) and dirt/rocks/coal for the mine cart.

Monday, December 30, 2013

December round-up

Work has been very stressful over the last couple months, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I'd rather have a stressful job than no job at all, though, so don't take me as complaining!

So, this was a bit of a rough year for my papercrafting work, too. WorldWorksGames has been in a bit of a death spiral since the fellas there went to form Cloud Head Games. They're now working overtime on a video game, and are no longer putting any effort into the WorldWorksGames store. Bummer. The community has taken notice, too, and so traffic has died down considerably and the general mood is negative. The kitbash judges are all still available and active, and have pushed through a number of my works. We all just hope it's enough to keep people around until *something* happens with WorldWorks.

So there was a December kitbash release. It included my DeadFall Mines set, which is pretty cool. I'd really like to continue tinkering with it - adding a cave-skinned version of the Hinterland Cliffs geometries would be a great first step. Also, there's a slew of 3d props that the mines need - I need a mine cart or two, and I'd like to make mine track ramps to go up/down levels in both straight and curved forms, raised tracks in both straight and curved forms, and possibly a bridge.

Along with that, I kind of teamed up with Curt Voiles - a WorldWorksGames community member from before I knew they existed. He's had some kitbashes lying around that never made it through the channel and onto the storefront. I've tried to carve out some time to get pieces released, and the December kitbash roundup contained two little sets that go with the Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings set.

I have been watching YouTube videos to learn some techniques on drawing (they've actually been VERY helpful - thank you Alphonso Dunn!), picked up a book on sketching people, and will hopefully be spending more time sketching out some minis. It'll be a long slow climb to where I can do anything of quality, but I'm hoping I'll find it fun.

I'm also planning on buying a full version of Pepakura Designer so I can more easily unfold 3d models and export them as templates to texture. That'll help me be more creative with making props and such.

My plans for 2014 are to diversify a bit and expand my skills so I can be more self-sufficient. We'll see how that actually plays out, but as always, I remain optimistic! :)