Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Minecart texture, part 3

I've been making incremental progress on the mine cart models. I've got three different models prepared with a wood texture (like the ones pictured earlier) and I've started work on a rusty metal cart. I hope to complete a fourth mine cart model this week to wrap up the geometries, and with any luck I'll have the metal variants done as well. As an additional detail, I'll be making some little hooks that can join carts together, if that sort of thing floats your boat.

No pictures yet, though I've done a test build of some. I'm going to print off a couple of my kitbashed mining tunnel floors and walls as a backdrop for some pictures.

As an aside, I've taken the leap of setting up a free publisher account through OneBookshelf.com. I hope to release these mine carts, and other paper creations through the site. I'm taking care to make sure I'm not using any textures or templates that aren't wholly my own. My mushroom standees are one example. This mine cart experiment is another. I hope over time my texturing skills will improve along with my 3d modelling skills, and I'll be able to satisfy my need to create without being tied down by someone else's process.

I hope it's an exciting 2014!

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