Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First attempt at FDG and WWG coexisting

There you have it. Some FDG walls playing nice with my WWG tiles. Something I only now see in the FDG sets is that because they've chosen to make the walls narrower than the pillars, this leaves a fair amount of the tile exposed on the outside.

So, clearly the 1" pillars aren't what I want to base my plans on. Instead, it's the "connectors". As I read the instructions, I see that not only will the connectors work exactly for what I want them, but the support pieces are based on a tab system strikingly similar to the anchors on the tile, so this should work out great... tomorrow...

There's another pic of the pieces attached together. They assemble reasonably fast, though not as fast as a WWG wall. I didn't use a bottom flap on them - I left them open. Moreover, they aren't as stable as a WWG wall-and-post system, but they hold together well enough.

The more I look at the FDG E-Z Lock system, the more questions I have. For a multi-story building, how easy/hard would it be to remove a floor, or part of a floor? The floor itself rests inside the structure, with no way to easily pull it back out. Assuming you use foamcore on the floor, that means the upper floors are 1/4" shorter than the first floor. No biggie, but a little weird. If you want interior walls, I wouldn't be able to rest the connectors on the floor - they'd be too tall! I'd have to poke holes into the floor. If there's nothing below it, will it be secure? I suppose once it's pinned to other wall pieces, but it seems more work than I'd want to do for something that's supposed to be modular.

That shows all I had to do to get the pillars to attach to the tiles. They fit on really nicely I have to say. Very easy to install, and it makes all my TLX tiles hold the pillars down securely.

So, from what I've learned, I'll try using the connectors rather than pillars, and see how that looks. If they work well, then I guess there won't be all that much difference between a TLX post and my preferred FDG post. :)

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