Monday, February 17, 2014

Strange things are afoot!

So, it turns out that while I was busy thinking of how I might make my own modular terrain format, and hoping that I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel, a thread on the cardboard-warriors forum sparked a conversation on the exact same topic.

I really, really like TLX. Some people seem to loathe it. I'm trying to identify the things people don't like and see whether it can be improved on. Here are some pictures of a simple idea - remove the anchors that many people hate and replace them with, well, nothing:

That's the back of a tile. Not only did I cut out holes for connector tabs, but I cut out 3/8" holes from the corners and sides to fit posts.

Hopefully you can see in this picture that there are holes on the tile where there would normally be anchors. This would allow posts to slot right in there.

There are some old posts I had lying around. They fit pretty snug. That's two 2-way posts, not a 3-way post on the side there. I did that because I cut the hole to big - I estimated the holes. If I had an accurate template to cut from, this would have come out better. The posts would have to be an additional 1/4" tall for this to work - that's the thickness of the tile. Well, actually the foamcore is only 3/16", so I don't know if that'd be a problem or not. I will find out, I guess, when I attempt to make a couple tiles that should, in theory, join up to TLX tiles just fine.

Just to demonstrate that they hold in there pretty well. I'm not sure if the sides of the holes will wear out over time or not. As I play more with this idea, I'll find out.

The idea is, if you aren't using a hole, you'll have a little cover for it. My *hope* is that making the cover will be easier and less noticeable than the TLX anchors! If I fail on either point, then this is all a waste.

Another challenge will be figuring out how well other vendor modular terrain systems will fit with this...

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