Saturday, March 8, 2014

TLXifying FDG buildings...

OK. I've built a couple pieces of Fat Dragon Games' Dragonshire City Interiors set, and I'll be honest. I don't really like how the sets are assembled. The pieces don't that THAT long to assemble, but what I end up with doesn't go together quite as well as what I've come to expect from TLX pieces. As a result, I'm going to focus my attention on using TLX as a building system, and try converting some FDG stuff over to it.

Right now, my printer is spitting out a 6" tile and anchors to assemble. I've also got sheets of 3" and 6" exterior walls, and a set of 2-way posts ready to print. I hope to have enough time this weekend to get everything cut out and assembled so I can demonstrate a single 6" building. After that, I'll look into doing up trusses and roof pieces. I am making my own templates for all these pieces. They're TLX compatible, but they are not the WWG resources I've used for their kitbashes. I like the tiles, posts and walls, but have never been happy with the TLX roof system (I've posted about this before) so now I'll try in earnest to come up with something better.

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