Thursday, May 22, 2014

The jury (of one) is in - NO HOLES!

I tried to like the idea of having holes in the sides/corners to slot the posts into, but it just is too much of a pain. The cutting is more intricate both with the foamcore and the cardstock, and the posts are now unusable for free-floating wall supports. For example, if I wanted to build out a small closet, I might use 1" or 2" walls. The posts for those walls wouldn't have holes, so I'd need to make special posts to support them. The last thing I want is more pieces to build!

So, I'm back to a TerrainLinx system of anchors for the posts. I have been finishing up the tile templates, getting the last bit of details done, then I'll get my wall templates made. Basically, I want the following:
  1. Standard Floors (3x3, 3x6 and 6x6)
  2. Standard Walls (3" and 6")
  3. Standard Posts (2-way, 3-way and 4-way)
  4. Floor Templates
  5. Tab Templates
After that, there's the nice-to-haves:
  1. Railings (3" and 6")
  2. Angled walls and posts
  3. Destroyed walls
  4. Half-height walls and posts
  5. Double-height walls and posts
  6. Roof system
etc etc. But, the first lot will be what I'm shooting for right now. Once I do that, I'll take a break from template making and try to make my own textures!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Back from the dead!

I kind of fell off the papercrafting map for a while. The whole process of trying to come up with NON-WWG templates for everything has slowed me down quite a bit. However, I've gone and made up files for three different wood floor types from FDG. I've scaled all the floor boards up so they line up nice for both 1" and 1.5" grids (not that I'll ever use the latter, and I'm sure I'll never share these with anyone... but, still, I'm OCD like that...)

I'm willing to take one last stab at making tile holes rather than TLX anchors on the tiles. I've updated my templates to include cut marks for the corner/side holes, and now I need to whip up what I think is a good design for the hole plugs. I'll make one tile with hole covers and a couple posts. This time for real. That'll let me compare it to the TLX version of a FDG tile I've already done.