Thursday, May 22, 2014

The jury (of one) is in - NO HOLES!

I tried to like the idea of having holes in the sides/corners to slot the posts into, but it just is too much of a pain. The cutting is more intricate both with the foamcore and the cardstock, and the posts are now unusable for free-floating wall supports. For example, if I wanted to build out a small closet, I might use 1" or 2" walls. The posts for those walls wouldn't have holes, so I'd need to make special posts to support them. The last thing I want is more pieces to build!

So, I'm back to a TerrainLinx system of anchors for the posts. I have been finishing up the tile templates, getting the last bit of details done, then I'll get my wall templates made. Basically, I want the following:
  1. Standard Floors (3x3, 3x6 and 6x6)
  2. Standard Walls (3" and 6")
  3. Standard Posts (2-way, 3-way and 4-way)
  4. Floor Templates
  5. Tab Templates
After that, there's the nice-to-haves:
  1. Railings (3" and 6")
  2. Angled walls and posts
  3. Destroyed walls
  4. Half-height walls and posts
  5. Double-height walls and posts
  6. Roof system
etc etc. But, the first lot will be what I'm shooting for right now. Once I do that, I'll take a break from template making and try to make my own textures!

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