Thursday, June 19, 2014

Second 'Fat Dragon' Tile == progress

On some recommendations from the helpful folks on the Fat Dragon forums, I built my second tile by cutting outside the lines for the column holes. It turned out to be about 1/32" extra on each side, so the hole is 1 1/16" on each side. The column certainly fits into that, but it's a little *too* easy to fit it in now. I've got 9 more tiles printed and waiting to cut out, so hopefully by the time I'm done, I'll be a pro at getting the cuts just right. I'm thinking I'll cut them 1/32" extra on only two of the four sides next, and see how that goes.

I'm considering putting a layer of cheap cardstock or plain paper on the underside of the tile, to keep the pillars in place. I'm imagining making a 2nd floor to some things, and I'd like to be able to make it just like a 1st floor.

The use of TLX-style tabs on the sides seems to work well. I'm considering making railings that plug into the sides like TLX railings, and it would work to hold a 2nd floor in place.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Fat Dragon-style tile...

I put together a tile that had four 1" holes carved out of it for the Fat Dragon-style columns that hold things together. I assembled one of the columns, and found that it just didn't fit in any of the holes I had cut, I tried shaving a little extra off of the holes, but it's just a super-tight fit. So tight, that it buckled the column. Finally, I opted to use some force to get it into place snugly:

A perfect fit.

Seriously, it can't possibly be this much work to get the columns in place, could it? I've got one more I'll glue up, and I'll try to ensure that it's made nice and tight. If this doesn't work, and if I can't get some help from the forums, I'll have to seriously reconsider the Fat Dragon method of building tiles.

I'm trying to keep in mind that this is my first attempt, so mistakes will be made...

EDIT: I made my 2nd column with no bottom face to it, and that gave it the flexibility it needed to more easily fit in the holes. It's still in their pretty snug so it doesn't fall out. It makes the column less resistant to damage when packaged up, though. I wonder if the cutfiles aren't leaving the top/bottom just a hair too large, and that's causing problems...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Best (worst?) of both worlds - tiles for Fat Dragon builds

I've already sliced all my foamcore into 6" tiles (and 6"x3", and 3"...) so I'm kind of pot-committed to that format for my tiles. I want to have a go at using the EZ-Lock system for building stuff, so I want to carve holes in the tiles like Fat Dragon intended. But, I'm still planning on using a TLX-esque tab system for hooking the tiles to each other. Last night's quick test seemed promising. I need to make the EZ-Lock columns though.

At the same time, I'm realizing that I should be able to put TLX anchors on the tiles, allowing me to use the tiles for TLX purposes if I wanted. Moreover, I should be able to do my little retro-fit inside the 1/2" Fat Dragon posts so they grip onto the TLX anchors nicely. I'm still convinced I can get the best of both worlds.

I hope tonight/tomorrow to get maybe four tiles made up so I can link some walls together on something and finally snap a photo.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Conspicuously Quiet...

I've been chewing up all my free time this week cutting, edging and gluing, and I'm almost done... I've set out to put together a "complete" set of pieces for the Fat Dragon Games EZ-Dungeons Deluxe Edition. I've been so focused on trying to come up with an alternative to the Fat Dragon way of building things that it's really bogged me down. So, I decided to throw my biases away and just build the darned thing.

It's coming out pretty nice, too.

I must have about 100 pieces assembled. If not 100, pretty close. I might yet need more walls, but I figure I've got plenty now to get started.

In the process, I'm cleaning up whatever available cutfiles I can find for this stuff, and I'm making new ones if they don't exist. I'll say this - the WWG stuff was pretty well tested before it was sent out. The FDG stuff? Well, hopefully the newer stuff will be more consistent. It's frustrating when there are bits that COULD have fit within registration marks, but just didn't. It's also frustrating when the cutlines in the model work great if you're not using the EZ-Lock holes, but if you do, then it's probably the wrong way to cut the models. And why not include cutfiles with the models? Instead, I'm relying on community-created cutfiles. I'm fixing the errors I find as I go. I'm standardizing the colors to at least match the colors of score and cutlines (they were inverted, which was horribly confusing) and I'm renaming them after the actual files they go along with.

I'm just whining. The cutfiles available did save me a little time, though the new Silhouette Studio software is a pain and doesn't open old GSD files correctly (they don't have reg mark info!) so I had to tweak all the files anyway. Still, having most of the lines laid out was a time saver.

So, pictures to come. I've got a fresh new pack of pins to hold it all together. I just need to whip up some tiles now!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elven Ruined Sanctuary

The free promo product for the Elven Tower and Walls Set by Lord Zsezse Works was made available recently, and Oldschooldm published some cutfiles for it on the Cardboard Warriors forum, so I jumped right on it and got to work!

This is but one of the four textures you'd get if you bought into their kickstarter campaign for even just $1.  It comes with two benches and an altar of sorts.

I've added a couple minis from Brave Adventures new set Undead Warband. 10 really detailed standees ready to print, and they've got cutfiles to boot. Here's a closer shot of what evil is going on in there:

I am NOT a photographer, now am I?  Oh well. My phone is not a camera either, so I don't feel that bad. I'll try to take better pictures with more scenery when I have time. I assembled this whole thing this morning before heading into work. Couldn't do that without a robocutter!

Check out Lord Zsezse Works and Brave Adventures.

Elven Papercraft Tower & Wall Set

This project really has my attention. The folks at Lord Zsezse Works really produce some amazing textures, and here they're working on a set that is somewhat modular, looks gorgeous, and is - most of all - different than what other terrain makers have done or are doing. The Kickstarter campaign is doing well so far. If you haven't checked it out, please do, and consider helping them out.

To get things started, they've released a FREE model "Elven Ruined Sanctuary". You can pick up a copy here:

For only a $1 pledge to their campaign, you'll get the ruined sanctuary in all four of their planned textures.

But, take a good look at the video they've made, and it will hopefully show off why buying into this new set is a good idea. If you're not familiar with their Elven Mill product, check that out too. You can snag it as an $8 add-on to your pledges, and it includes the four textures that you'll see on the tower and walls. Scroll down on the kickstarter page to see those textures. They are four totally different sets of textures for EVERYTHING. So, I'm looking forward to not just getting ONE massive castle set out of this, but at least FOUR! Of course, if they hit the $7500 mark, they're planning a FIFTH texture set!

Good stuff.